TX-NR6100 - Connecting a subwoofer



  • John Malinowski
    John Malinowski

    Connected and no output

  • Zachary Beckum
    Zachary Beckum

    When I connect my second powered sub (Jamo) I get a feedback hum and they both stay on after the unit is turned off. I run both of the subs from the rear L/R sub connector. I've tried everything I know, reversing the plugs, switching L/R R/L. Still get an underperforming sound. It Sounds stronger with one sub over two. Something isn't right here!

  • Tim Ray
    Tim Ray

    I get no sub output without connecting speakers to terminals. I only want to run pre out and sub out

  • David Griffin
    David Griffin

    I did not receive a remote with this unit.

  • Zachary Beckum
    Zachary Beckum

    It's obvious these comments / questions aren't being read by Onkyo. I have no idea why you have a comment section that no one reads. I actually needed help and thought I might get technical advice.


    I'm about to send this thing back .very low subwoofer output.


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