DX-C390 - Can not play a CD



  • John Aviani
    John Aviani

    It tells me "No Disc," the discs are clean and in properly.

  • Liam

    Is this a burned CD or a CD that his been made on your PC/computer? Please try loading the disc onto another device to see if it plays properly. 

    "Some CD-R and CD-RW discs may not work properly for any of the following reasons: disc burner characteristics, disc characteristics, the disc is damaged or dirty."

    If the issue persists, please reach out to our Product Support team. You can get started by clicking the "HELP" icon in the bottom right corner of this page. 

  • John Aviani
    John Aviani

    I tried a dozen different discs that all play on other devices. My brand new ONKYO will not recognize any of them. The Help button was totally and completely useless.

  • Fran Fried
    Fran Fried

    I bought a CD player that ... doesn't play CDs.

    All the ones I tried (3 different box sets) were in pristine shape. Two of them I've had for years, the other was a new release I bought two months ago. They all play fine on my laptop. Your manual says it should be able to play CDs with the Compact Disc logo.

    How is this possible? Is there something blocking the lens from reading this? Some sort of insert to remove that I didn't see in the instructions? Or did I just buy a lemon? This was not an inexpensive buy for me.

  • Tim Dean
    Tim Dean

    This is common with this unit.  I bought one and it wouldn't read any CDs.  Had to spend $80 to send in for a warranty repair.

  • James Nuchols
    James Nuchols

    I am having the same problem with mine. I want my money back. Onkyo sucks.

  • Richard Farmer
    Richard Farmer

    I echo the previous comments. Selling a brand new unit that does not play CDs is embarrassing to your company. I hope that you can provide a quick and easy solution.

  • Jennifer Sosinski
    Jennifer Sosinski

    Hello Richard,

    My sincere apologizes that you are having an issue with the cd player. If you could please submit a request at this link https://support.onkyousa.com/hc/en-us/requests/new with your serial number, where you have purchased your item and your issue so we can further assist you.   

    Thank you,



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